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Stock information of SFC

The price of currently
Price by date
999,000 Range of registration
Rate of fluctuation(%)
Starting price (KRW) Top price
Lowest Prices (Won) Volume
999,999 999,999 999,999 999,999,999
Total index KOSDAQ
탑 The present price of an event [5 units] 탑 라인
The present price Starting price(KRW)
Range of registration(KRW) Top price(KRW)
Rate of fluctuation(%) Lowest Prices (Won)
Trading volume(stock) Selling Price(KRW)
Amount of previous day transaction(stock) Purchase price(KRW)
Upper limit(KRW) Capital
(KRW 100 million)
Lower limit(KRW) Listed stock
Previous closing price(KRW) Foreign(%)
Face value(KRW) PER/EPS
The month of completion Market capitalization
52 Best price per share(KRW) Annual maximum price(KRW)
52 Lowest Prices in the Week(KRW) Annual minimum price(KRW)
Selling remaining volume Asking price
Number of purchases remaining
Combined total residue
Inquiry period 2017.10.11 ~ 2018.01.02
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Date Starting price(KRW) Top price(KRW) Lowest Prices(KRW) Closing price(KRW) Fluctuations (KRW) Rate of fluctuation(%) Trading volume(stock)